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We will begin by answering questions to newcomers. Preparation is key and this will prepare you for the program, as well as remove any doubts and or concerns you have about buying the book.

1.) What is SoulFit?

Soulfit is a book that has information fused from ancient Jewish sage advice to modern-day techniques in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mental focus and spiritual truths.

2.) Wow, this sounds deep and maybe little bit crazy! but cool, So what will I learn?

We will be sharing timeless lessons in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mental focus, and spiritual truths tailored to your individual goals based on real life time tested experience.

3.) Who are you guys? and How are you unique from other wellness / athletic programs out their ?

The book was created by a certified Fitness and nutrition coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( in USA ). He was also a former high school captain, NCAA division one athlete, and overseas pro athlete. He was mentored by elite coaches and Rabbis to help put this book together.

Well, many of us want to learn how to get healthier and improve our character traits, but there is a lack of truth and a moral/spiritual void in our society causing people to become depressed and empty even after so many diets and programs.
We’re here to help by empowering people to live healthier and lead holistic, holier lives through Jewish Sage advice.

Our book is a fusion of divine teachings of Maimonides, also known as Rambam ( an influential medieval Torah scholar, and physician) with modern-day research from the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( as well as training techniques from Olympic level, NBA trainers

4.) Cool, I look forward to the fitness and nutrition methods, but what do you mean by spiritual truths? And what will I learn there?

We are going to deliver crucial information on the creation of the world and our purpose here individually and collectively as fellow member of the human species. Furthermore, we attempt to address question’s like; why did G-D create this world ? what is the purpose and where we headed? You will find answers to this question and learn more about in the process.

5.) Why the soul, why SoulFit?

Just like many of us go to “super-duper” trainers at gyms or elite nutritionists to learn the best techniques for our bodies and souls ( which need training, attention, care and maintenance) Your Soul is who you really are; it’s your real identity in this world. If we all merit to live long, our bodies will age. And through the process of aging, we will no longer have the same body. Therefore, the one thing that lasts forever is the Soul—which is embedded in the Mind—and connected to the Heart!

6.) Fantastic I can’t wait! So how will you deliver SoulFit to us?

First of all, we don’t deserve credit for delivering this information. All credit goes to the Creator of the universe. He gave us this information and a blueprint to the world many years ago; we are only here to act as messengers and deliver the facts to you.

We want to empower you to make better decisions that are real and honest to yourself, which in essence, will assist you in reaching your destiny and your dreams. The only thing unique is we draw from personal experience and take a collection of sage advice and attempt to package it in a fundamentally easier way to understand what is complex information to many

7.) Awesome, so how will SoulFit make me emotionally healthier? And will I be a happier person after this?

First you must finish reading this FAQ and be clear on it and when your ready, purchase the book. After you fully read the book you can contact us to take your learning even further.

Happiness is within you. It is not found in external or physical things. For instance, Hollywood, magazines, and the media portray happiness or success as a simple thing based on material and physical pleasures that the untrained heart and eye cannot see for what they actually are—passing distractions. These things simply lure your mind and body to chase what they want you to pursue. The world, especially the modern world of advertising and entertainment, will control you if you let it.

What will make you happier is for you to see that you are unique. You were created for a special purpose and you have spark of divine light inside of you that can change the world for the better.

8.) So what is real happiness, and how do you attain peace of mind?

Real happiness can be achieved by reaching a level of awareness. Only then can you control your mind and body to pursue your precious goals and work with your SOUL. This may sound deep, but the book will explain in detailed steps how you can accomplish this. Make sure to go at your own pace and never rush or slow down your progression; find a pace that’s is unique to yourself

Eternal peace and tranquility come from the mind and body when it’s successfully used as a tool for the soul. Waiting for peace and tranquility to just happen to you is a recipe for an unfit life. (The goal here is to re-focus and strengthen yourself and not allow distractions to affect the much sought after focus you have worked so hard to attain.) G-d has created a beautiful world filled with so many wonders and mysteries. He has created this world for us to enjoy, but appreciating this through the “ correct lens”, takes sacrifice, training and patience.

9.) What about the regimen concerning nutrition and fitness?

The SoulFit program contains ancient, timeless nutritional and fitness information that does not ask you to jump into the next diet or trend.The program contains innovative advances in nutrition and physical fitness, in addition to powerful insight and life principles from ancient sages and teachers.

10.) You may start the program and soon feel negative thoughts or emotions creeping into your Mind , so what should you do ?

Yes, this is normal because you have not yet begun to train your mind, body, and soul to make the correct adjustments. We assure you that after 101 days of applying SoulFit to your own life you will see an NEW AND IMPROVED YOU. You will also have the tools the battle those negative thoughts or the evil/animal inclination ( more on this in the book )

11.) How will I feel after?

After completion, reading and reviewing the material, you will elevate yourself to an NEW LEVEL OF YOU. An upgraded, physical, healthier and happier you. Hopefully, you will have more enthusiasm to build a constant physical and spiritual work regimen that will benefit you for the rest of your life.You can practice and review the material with a good life partner, friend, or family member.Having another person as a part of your journey proves to be a wise asset.

12.) I see some unique similarities and differences in the world philosophies, i need more research ! but how will my physical body improve?

Well as I, and many others before me have tested, many modern diets and theories often dissolve over time. The foundation of the Jewish sages is timeless and unchanging.
Much of it is based on the fusion of divine teachings of Maimonides, also known as RAMBAM, an influential medieval Torah scholar, and physician.
Therefore, you won’t have to jump into the next trend, so to speak. You can build off this slowly, one step at a time, learning from time honored methods, proven to work.

13.) Will I be restricted to follow a certain diet?

No restricted Diet ; we will educate you on quality control of foods and what food combine better or worse with others. The program will naturally give you the education and flexibility to create your own diet and exercise patterns to work in harmony with your personal lifestyle.You will be empowered to choose how to live your life.

14.) What about my own life goals?

After you have fully read the book —and I’m convinced that once you have followed the ageless advice of the many sages—you will already have taken the first step in that proverbial journey of a thousand miles to actualize your greatest potential as a human being.
The content of the book will get you going in that direction with added tools. If you follow, practice, and apply the information, it will fall into place organically and work sublimely together toward your benefit. But the work is up to you!
As we have said, and will say, throughout the program, a successful transformation does not require us to make radical changes at any point. We gradually improve bit by bit, over time ( Life is a marathon ! )
Whether we take two steps ahead and one step back, we will be moving toward the goal.

15.) What if I don’t succeed?

We all have the fear of failure. It’s quite normal, but once we become aware of it, we can overcome it. These “growing pains” are part of the game. Remember your biggest competition is just you and no one else. You’re challenging yourself, and once you’re in, you can challenge others. But it starts with you!

16.) How do I become Great, Big, A Legend, Eternal?

It is important to see a glimmer of holiness (or at least, the potential for holiness) in every person, no matter the individual, since there is a part of G-d in everyone. Yes, we are all “made in G-d’s image!”

So in order to truly appreciate and master these teachings, we must first educate ourselves. We must start at the bottom, and reprogram ourselves with the fundamental ABCs to prepare us for societies challenges. That’s our goal for Soulfit. After one hundred and one days of following the advice in the book you will have implemented the necessary changes enough for them to become habit and following the physical and nutritional advice, The greater, life long change can come at any time, but it cannot be put on a timetable.

G-D, the infinite master, is conducting the world, and its results, daily, but the work and sacrifice are up to you. By concentrating on the path of G-d, and being open to the sound advice of some of the world’s greatest religious sages and spiritual philosophers, you just might begin to see the light of greater realization glowing inside you in a very short time. You may even begin to feel its effect in a literal sense because physically, you will feel better. But you must keep the following in mind: greatness doesn’t come easy. It will take years to master this (depending on you and your dedication to the program), but you can start now.This journey won’t be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is, so I strongly recommend that you try your best to practice each section from beginning to end in order to gain the maximum results. Certainly, there will be tests along the way; times when you will feel tired or sad; or times when you have negative thoughts, self-doubt, guilt from negative people or situations—or you might even begin to crave another chocolate cupcake at night! But the point of SoulFit is to keep trying—stand up when you stumble and keep moving forward into positive change.

Enough already okay; Im ready to begin now what ?!

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Relationship with Religion ?

East: Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism,
Integral Yoga, Islam, Taoism, Zen

West: Scientific, Christianity**, Rational

 Goals & Key to Success

“Virtuous life and adherence to performing your duties.”

Search for Truth and Fundamental Research ?

Systematic approach—all events in the universe are interconnected
Searching inside yourself—by becoming a part of the universe through meditation and right living.
“Though he should live a hundred years, not seeing the Truth Sublime; yet better, Indeed, is the single day’s life of one who sees the Truth Sublime.” ~ Buddha
The truth is given it does not to have be proved.

More focused on individual events and the role of the person Searching outside yourself—through research and analysis
“The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe.” ~ H.L.Mencken
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address, as borrowed from an old Chinese proverb.
The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is weaker. The truth needs to be proved.

~ Confucianism
“The Three Armies can be deprived of their commanding officer, but even a common man cannot be deprived of his purpose.” ~Confucius
“If you really want everything, then give up everything.”


“The secret of success in life, and subsequently of making money, is to enjoy your work. If you do, nothing is hard work no matter how many hours you put in.” ~ Sir Billy Butlin

Enough already okay; Im ready to begin now what ?!

Buy the book, begin reading… for further consulting contact us…