About Me

The Founder and author of Soulfit grew up in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he had an interest in Judaism as well as sports. His passion for creating Soulfit comes from his experience being a student-athlete. On his High School basketball team he was chosen as Team Captain, MVP, and also an all-league first-team performer. He was recruited by several smaller universities for basketball. Balancing Judaism with academics and Sports was a challenging task for him and any young adult. He decided to stay close to family to try to keep family values and he walked on to a local Division 1 NCAA university. Upon Graduating with his Bachelor’s degree he was signed by Premier League Maccabi Haifa in Israel. He also played with Hapoel Tivon helping them to their city’s best finish in their history. He was also offered a contract by Maccabi Ashdod; but after several injuries and missing home; he sought to return to the USA. He attended several NBDL camps and was shown interest by one Team and invited to private workouts. He then decided to focus on learning Judaism and attending Yeshiva. He briefly coached at Beverly Hills High School as well as learned under top trainers that worked with NBA, NCAA as well as Olympic ( gold level ) level trainers. He was offered jobs working with top-level athletes from agents but once again balancing Judaism with these lifestyles became a challenge. He then went full-fledged into service and learning of Torah and returned to Yeshiva in Israel and soon met his soulmate. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his own family and is a certified fitness and nutrition trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has trained alongside and worked with NBA, Euro, NCAA, and high school athletes learning from elite trainers, coaches, and Rabbinical Spiritual guides.

Program One

We help with weight loss, detox, and overall wellness goals.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Or feeling stressed? Or question whether some of the foods you eat actually make you feel worse, or the way you live your life might be leading to imbalance in your body? Or feel confused about what dietary advice to follow because of all the conflicting information available? Or need real time tested wisdom to enter into a long-term lifestyle change?

Program Two

Basketballs Skills Training

Skill development enables you to hone in on all of these diverse facets, whether it’s footwork leading into your shot, how to alter up your speeds, or simply handling the ball. Our Basketball skills training program aims to improve all aspects of every basketball player’s game. All skill levels are welcome, from kids, beginners to collegiate-bound players.
From improvement on defense to achieving perfect shooting form, our basketball trainer will give every basketball player the proper attention to help every athlete reach his or her goals.
Our Basketball skills training program includes:

  • Shooting Form Development
  • Ball Handling
  • Perimeter Game
  • Post Game
  • Defensive and Rebounding Tips Basketball-Focused Strength and Speed Program
  • *Time and space is very limited


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is SoulFit?

Soulfit is a book that has information fused from ancient Jewish sage advice to modern-day techniques in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mental focus and spiritual truths.

2.) Wow, this sounds deep and maybe little bit crazy! but cool, So what will I learn?

We will be sharing timeless lessons in the areas of nutrition, fitness, mental focus, and spiritual truths tailored to your individual goals based on real life time tested experience.

3.) Who are you guys? and How are you unique from other wellness / athletic programs out their ?

The book was created by a certified Fitness and nutrition coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( in USA ). He was also a former high school captain, NCAA division one athlete, and overseas pro athlete. He was mentored by elite coaches and Rabbis to help put this book together.

Well, many of us want to learn how to get healthier and improve our character traits, but there is a lack of truth and a moral/spiritual void in our society causing people to become depressed and empty even after so many diets and programs.
We’re here to help by empowering people to live healthier and lead holistic, holier lives through Jewish Sage advice.

Our book is a fusion of divine teachings of Maimonides, also known as Rambam ( an influential medieval Torah scholar, and physician) with modern-day research from the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( as well as training techniques from Olympic level, NBA trainers

4.) Cool, I look forward to the fitness and nutrition methods, but what do you mean by spiritual truths? And what will I learn there?

We are going to deliver crucial information on the creation of the world and our purpose here individually and collectively as fellow member of the human species. Furthermore, we attempt to address question’s like; why did G-D create this world ? what is the purpose and where we headed? You will find answers to this question and learn more about in the process.

5.) Why the soul, why SoulFit?

Just like many of us go to “super-duper” trainers at gyms or elite nutritionists to learn the best techniques for our bodies and souls ( which need training, attention, care and maintenance) Your Soul is who you really are; it’s your real identity in this world. If we all merit to live long, our bodies will age. And through the process of aging, we will no longer have the same body. Therefore, the one thing that lasts forever is the Soul—which is embedded in the Mind—and connected to the Heart!

6.) Fantastic I can’t wait! So how will you deliver SoulFit to us?

First of all, we don’t deserve credit for delivering this information. All credit goes to the Creator of the universe. He gave us this information and a blueprint to the world many years ago; we are only here to act as messengers and deliver the facts to you.

We want to empower you to make better decisions that are real and honest to yourself, which in essence, will assist you in reaching your destiny and your dreams. The only thing unique is we draw from personal experience and take a collection of sage advice and attempt to package it in a fundamentally easier way to understand what is complex information to many

7.) Awesome, so how will SoulFit make me emotionally healthier? And will I be a happier person after this?

First you must finish reading this FAQ and be clear on it and when your ready, purchase the book. After you fully read the book you can contact us to take your learning even further.

Happiness is within you. It is not found in external or physical things. For instance, Hollywood, magazines, and the media portray happiness or success as a simple thing based on material and physical pleasures that the untrained heart and eye cannot see for what they actually are—passing distractions. These things simply lure your mind and body to chase what they want you to pursue. The world, especially the modern world of advertising and entertainment, will control you if you let it.

What will make you happier is for you to see that you are unique. You were created for a special purpose and you have spark of divine light inside of you that can change the world for the better.

8.) So what is real happiness, and how do you attain peace of mind?

Real happiness can be achieved by reaching a level of awareness. Only then can you control your mind and body to pursue your precious goals and work with your SOUL. This may sound deep, but the book will explain in detailed steps how you can accomplish this. Make sure to go at your own pace and never rush or slow down your progression; find a pace that’s is unique to yourself

Eternal peace and tranquility come from the mind and body when it’s successfully used as a tool for the soul. Waiting for peace and tranquility to just happen to you is a recipe for an unfit life. (The goal here is to re-focus and strengthen yourself and not allow distractions to affect the much sought after focus you have worked so hard to attain.) G-d has created a beautiful world filled with so many wonders and mysteries. He has created this world for us to enjoy, but appreciating this through the “ correct lens”, takes sacrifice, training and patience.

9.) What about the regimen concerning nutrition and fitness?

The SoulFit program contains ancient, timeless nutritional and fitness information that does not ask you to jump into the next diet or trend.The program contains innovative advances in nutrition and physical fitness, in addition to powerful insight and life principles from ancient sages and teachers.

10.) You may start the program and soon feel negative thoughts or emotions creeping into your Mind , so what should you do ?

Yes, this is normal because you have not yet begun to train your mind, body, and soul to make the correct adjustments. We assure you that after 101 days of applying SoulFit to your own life you will see an NEW AND IMPROVED YOU. You will also have the tools the battle those negative thoughts or the evil/animal inclination ( more on this in the book )

11.) How do I know this philosophy or approach is right for me versus other philosophies?

Below, you will find a chart ( below with more supporting information ) listing some of the main ideas behind the Major popular schools of thought like the Eastern ( left side ) and Western ( right side ) philosophies. You can see, research, and test the facts for yourself. Once again, we won’t tell you what is right or wrong for you. We will provide the tools to help you ultimately decide that for yourself.